PT3 (PUMA Table Tennis Tournament) was conceived in the beginning of 2006 based on a simple idea: to bring a community together for the sheer passion of table tennis, more affectionately known as ping-pong. In conjunction with the forthcoming launch of French 77, a sports lifestyle collection inspired by the style and clothing of Argentinian tennis player Guillermo Vilas, PT3 pits thirty-two teams against each other. Comprised of masters from the city’s creative underground, teams from Formavision, Syrup, Psyop, Rude Movements, joao, 2×4, Staple  Design, Chez Music, Flavorpill, Truth and Soul Records, and many more battle it  out to the end for the title of PT3 champion.
PT3 will also feature limited edition paddle sets designed by long-time pong  enthusiast Johan Liden from the New York-based creative agency aruliden. With sophisticated lines and high-gloss finish, the ‘PT3 Ultramagnetic Collection’ elevates the art of the game to new aesthetic heights.
PT3 is testament to the universal appeal of the game. Equally, it is much about the way community and creativity come together through sports culture.
Check out the entire collection designed by Johan Liden right after the jump.

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