Where the runway meets the street

Hopefully you recall Supply, Australia’s most exclusive store carrying the same range of brands such as Union, Juice and the other top tier accounts. Once in a while they also bring out their own t-shirt line and always work with some interesting artists. The new line is dropping soon and this time they worked with Ed Repka. A connoisseur of the grotesque and proponent of supernatural realism, Repka is perhaps best known worldwide for his illustrations of Vic Rattlehead-Megadeth’s skeletal mascot from the 1980’s, which for over a decade has adorned CD covers, posters, tshirts. In general the artist is best known for 80’s metal band cd covers.
Here above you see the graphic he did for Supply – Sydney on Fire! After the jump some more examples of his work. We’ll keep you posted on the release of the new Supply t-shirts.

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