The Denim Design Lab™ Kit is a collection of tools used for hand finishing denim garments and includes a copy of the book Denim Design Lab™, as well as the first ever consumer version of a denim finishing bladder used by professional denim laundries, the “Denim Design Lab™ Denim Finishing Form™. “Each limited edition Kit is hand made from 100% red selvage denim from Cone Denim and destined to become a collectors item for every true connoisseur of denim jeans.

Denim Design Lab™ Kits are produced in limited edition runs of 200 units each. The initial release features three unique vintage inspired washes, each based on a theme from the DDL™ Book; the “Gold Miner,” the “Mechanic,” and the “Painter.”

Each DDL™ Kit includes a full color hardbound copy of the book Denim Design Lab™, which is also being sold separately. The DDL™ Book has been written and designed as a beautiful art type coffee table book.

A great present and in general piece, a good one to own. We are big denim fans and cannot repeat enough how important it is to own a good pair. What many people out there still don’t understand is, that if you have one or two really good pairs, you do not need to buy them all the time. So, this kit seems perfect to get some old ones repaired. But we have never tried out working on denim, with this kit it is certainly something we are looking forward to.

For 200 USD its your. Villains has it in its online store.

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