Bang & Olufsen has after years finally released their next generation MP3 player. The first one of course also looked great, but had no screen, was really heavy and also not a lot of capacity.

The Beosound 6 now comes with 4GB of disk space and a color screen. Something that always impressed us with the Scandinavian brand was the ability to create something that is both technically and from a design standpoint timeless. You could buy a B & O stereo and literally have it for 10 years standing at home and it would still look cutting edge. The times have changed a little, everything is moving faster, but nevertheless they still do a great job in terms of design. In terms of technology we are not sure they can compete with the iPod or even the Microsoft Zune.

It’s a different decision that you have to make. If you are willing to take cuts in the technology department, you can have a player that you will see on nobody else, and as we all know, that is worth a lot!

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