After Levi’s and Japanese brand Hysteric Glamour, Pepe Jeans now also announced a collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation (via NY Observer). It seems like Levi’s has got the franchise on the US market, Pepe Jeans in Europe and Hyteric Glamour in Japan. On a side note, we have also seen Burton this year bring out an extensive collection of both clothing and gear, covered in artwork by the artist.

We cannot say that we are overly excited about the Pepe Jeans news. How many jeans can one make with Andy Warhol artwork? Already the Levi’s collections were a disaster and practically unwearable, it will be interesting to see what Pepe Jeans makes out of it and anyways, since when is Andy Warhol an important reference in the denim market? Leave his artwork alone and don’t slap it onto denim all over the place! That’s at least our opinion!

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