Ralph Lauren is just an impressive company and brand. They have there up and downs and sometimes we cannot see the brand anymore, but the times where we are excited about something they do, always come back, usually the minute we enter one of the more prominent flagship store in Milan, NYC or London. Polo is one of the few brands, that created their very own world.

This new Polo Collectors Trunk fits that world perfectively. Who does not own or has owned at a certain point in time a Ralph Lauren polo shirt?! And they are still worth looking into. Now the brand has comes out with this trunk, for the 4th anniversary of the brand. Handcrafted in a sleek translucent silhouette with saddle leather straps and fitted with a unique silver plaque engraved with an edition number, each trunk is offered with 40 limited edition embroidered polo shirts.

We don’t know the price, but this is definitely a great way or spending your Christmas money! Via Lux Mag.

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