Yeah. New Years Eve has come and gone – considered by the high connoisseur as the only day to properly lose conformity to the rules of drinking spirits and beer. Most proper connoisseurs also know that there is one expectation of your host or hostess that usually leads to a scavenger hunt: the bottle opener. Nothing  can complicate a party more than a lost opener. Hence the reason I stick to the High Life. Champagne indeed.

But times are different now. Yoko Devereaux and Mexican design duo DFC came together to forge the Cabron Bottle Opener. You can open your bottles with its solid brass cap ring and use the posterior brass knuckle as a handle or better yet a knuckle sandwich. Protection with a touch of class. And why not. You deserve it.

You will not find the Cabron Bottle Opener ($126) beauty at your local Army Navy Store (though that would be cool). Better to visit Yoko Devereaux’s Brooklyn store or select retailers.

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