Men.Style.Com has put up a new Market Report 2008, telling us what to buy and what not to buy, what to get rid of. Looking through the report we can see that distressed denim will be back, after the long raw denim trend. For once it will also be nice to put on a pair that is just comfortable and does not need a year to get to that point. Also the houndstooth on linen is something we are looking forward to. When Spring time comes around, it will be a perfect outfit for sure – lightweight, dressed, but not too dressed up.

There are also a couple of things in the guide, that we cannot really follow. Rolled-up pants? This thing that Thom Browne has brought on us is just something we are not so sure about. On a hot summer day maybe, otherwise, nahhh! Also they give you the advice of purchasing a classic Patek Phillippe watch. Since when has that ever gone out of style? A good watch is just a must-have and a Patek Phillippe wristwatch is probably as good as it gets, a piece that you pass on to the next generation, a piece that never goes out of style and also never really should be in a trend report. At least in our opinion!

Make sure to check out the report yourself!

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