The term “man bag” has made it awfully difficult for the average American male to consider some sort of day bag outside of either two choices: an attache attached to their palm, or one of many courier varietals. Unlike their European and Asian counterparts, the day bag simply does not fit with the ideals of a man man.

Lucky for us, the minds behind the BillyKirk brand  have been developing  exceptional leather products to introduce the Americano male to a new world of bag fashion (since as far back as 1999).

Take for instance the BillyKirk No.95 Satchel Bag. This hand stiched leather satchel  borrows much from a traditional WW2 Belgium Map case – but has been redeveloped from a single piece of cowhide to be a slightly larger fill. Absolutely no details were left untouched on the No.95 from its silver snap clips, to the adjustable arm strap.

This is top teir American leather works at its finest. Handmade in the USA by  the Amish in Pennsylvania.  Instant  classic.  Available now at Blackbird Seattle or the BillyKirk Online Shop.

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