Our friends over at WeAreTheMarket.com are always turning us on to great fashion industry news stories. This week they are pointing out the emergence of the “magalogue”. They report that “the magalogue concept is on the rise courtesy of a range of different sources; including Uniqlo, H&M, Martha Stewart and – at the rather more topless end of the market – Abercrombie & Fitch. Martha Stewart has reportedly been developing a prototype concept for an oversized luxury magazine, and media buyers think the concept just might work… High-end advertisers tend to be rather recession-proof, and they are attracted to big, beautiful photography that such an outsized luxury title would likely include.”

“These brands are working harder than you might expect,” says Jeremy Leslie, author of the book “magCulture.” “With ambitions beyond just selling product, they’re much more sophisticated than a glorified catalogue.” — (Via International Herald Tribune)

It definitely a sign of the times. Companies are getting more creative with how they bring in additional revenue and extend their brands into new arenas.

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