Expect them to discuss this one on Top Gear soon. (blantant plug)

INTERSECTION Magazine commissioned 6 designers and fashion labels to produce some true luxury Car Covers. In describing this project INTERSECTION  states that they are “about experimenting with the way we experience cars as a part of the wardrobe of our fast paced and far ranging lives.”

Working within the bounds of the silhouette  which covers a vehicle, the collaborators, VISVIM, Ksubi, Bless, Maison Martin Margiela, Adam Kimmel, and Richard James, came up with some impressive looks.

Ksubi’s interestingly enough is the one which looked beyond the silhouette more than most, playing with the ID’esque style rather than visual design. Very dope.

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Read more about Car Covers project at www.intersectionmagazine.com

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