Nothing beats football – I’m talking the non-US version. Like many, its a religious obsession; taking up all my free weekend mornings and summers during Cup years (Euros and World). Foosball is my backup sport when I cant sweat it out on a real field. Its truly a sport of kings as common men worldwide defend their honor and pride on a table controlled quarters and the hand to grip alliance.

When Moco Loco turned me onto “11 – the beautiful game” football table designed by GRO Design and Tim Modelmakers, I was instantly in love. The design of the “11” football table is astounding. Borrowing shapes and curves of modern football stadiums design, the “11” has the structural look of architecture. Players forms are finished in silver chrome. The field is pure white and “The table’s flowing lines express the dynamic aspect of football, while reducing unnecessary detail to allow the raw energy of the game…”

Visit for more detail as my extraction only touches the tip of this piece of modern art. Look for it on display during Milan Fashion Week.

Many more detailed views after the jump. Someone buy this for me.

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