Exciting news coming from Italy. Slam Jam, distributor of Supreme, Gourmet, Visvim, Neighborhood and many other high end street brands introduces their own footwear brands – Be Positive.

They follow the trend started by such brands like Clae, Callous and others and take it a step further. In a first launch they are introducing the College Leather, Chukka Suede and Oxford Leather shoes. All three take inspiration from classics and give them a new modern make-over. The College Leather is especially interesting as that is a model that you do not come a cross from other contemporary brands. They give it a sporty white gum sole and it turns out to look pretty hot actually. The Chukka is a favorite from Vans, but the Be Positive version looks more casual and more elegant as well. The Oxford Leather inspired by the Budapest shoe also looks great and gives it a more sporty overall look. Image via Honeyee.

If we would have to complain, we’d actually prefer the mid sole to be clean and without logo, but we will be able to live with it.

This is definitely a footwear line to watch in the future. We will keep you posted!

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