“Women who exude power are also sexy. They do not necessarily have to be the head of a multinational; there is also power in the little things.” These are the words of Marlies Dekkers, the famous and infamous Dutch designer whose “little things” are lingerie. A courter of controversy and a pusher of boundaries, empowering women everywhere, Dekkers has spent years making very sexy waves in the world of underwear.

The label began in 1991 when Dekkers paraded her graduation project “bare bottom dress” through the streets of the red light district in Amsterdam, deliberately playing with the notions of “the gaze” and the objectification and empowerment of women. Now in 2008 she is celebrating 15 years of her own design label.

Althought her retrospective show in Rotterdam’s Kunsthal ended this past weekend you can visit Marlies Dekkers stores in Holland, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris and Bangkok. And check out great imageryfrom the show at her website. And see a full feature of the show at Coolhunting.com.

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