After previewing the re-emergence of the B.D. Baggies line back in June, we can now bring some positive previews of the coming spring/summer 2009 collection to your screens. With the addition of designer David Mullen to the mix, WP Lavori in Corso relaunches B.D. Baggies as an entirely 100% Made in the USA collection. “The collection develops original styles, innovative fabrics and designs and a new wearability that is offered in 3 new lines of shirts for men’- B.D. Classic button down, B.D. Foundry workwear, and B.D. Study, “A collection created in end  on end and indigo fabrics and characterized by single top-stitching and contrasting thread emphasizing the refinement of the product. ”

Expect the line to land in Europe, Japan, and (thankfully) the USA.

View more of the B.D. Baggies spring/summer 2009 preview after the jump.

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