We present you teh Raf Simons Zip Change sneakers. An interesting concept that we actually do not see for the first time. A zipper goes around the mid-sole and lets you switch between a high-top and low-top sneaker. What you see here above is the same shoe. Raf Simons is the first in the high fashion market to release it and even though we like it better than what we have seen before, we cannot exactly say that we are convinced. 

Is this really something needed? The only reason that comes up, why this makes sense, is to maybe save some money. But somebody who buys into Raf Simons, clearly does not want to save money on clothing or footwear.

Also it is clearly something that one needs to test out. Just from images, I do not trust the zippers in terms of stability. I would really need to see it in person.

Anyways, the Zip Change sneaker is now available at Oki-Ni.

After the jump some more detailed views of how this works.

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