A couple of years ago we walked for the first time into the Woolrich flagship store in Milan. Just in case you did not know, an Italian company took the license about 10 years ago and the hype around the brand in Italy started around 2000. By 2002 you would not see a single Italian person on the street in Milan in winter time without the Woolrich Arctic Parka, a down jacket with fur collar.

Still today the Italian collection impresses. Whereas the European line is made in the US, the US line is made in Asia at far lower quality and is also much cheaper. Two completely different things.

Let’s get back to what we actually wanted to say. A couple of years ago we saw for the first time the Redwing boots made for Woolrich. At the time they even had matching New Balance sneakers. Both featuring vintage Woolrich fabric, made on the original mills in the US. Since we are getting closer to the colder time of the year again, we wanted to show you this years line-up. Now there are overall 4 boots, all featuring vintage Woolrich wool on the upper.

Definitely something worth considering!

Detailed views of all four Redwing For Woolrich boots after the jump.

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