Something popped up on eBay last week that is catching the attention of those ultra-vintage hunters worldwide. A pair of 1890’s Levi 201’s were found in the Mojave Desert in Californian. This find find in itself is not a common one but what is making this find a biggie is the condition of the denim jeans themselves. From the auction, “They are covered in candlewax from the candle’s the miner was using to light the tunnel he was working in. They were found with and old paper bag with the name of a mercantile store which operated between 1895 and 1898 in the town or Randsburg.  Their was also a gunny sack with the initials A.P.K. and Randsburg marked on it.  A.P.K. is through to be Adam P. Kuffel who was a partner in the mercantile store.” As of this posting, the auction has hit 8000$US and we can only assume it will reach 5 digits soon.

This has to be seen to believe. Visit this eBay auction and view more shots of the denim after the jump. 

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