It’s won a Peabody Award, two Golden Globes and it just swept the Emmy nominations. But let’s be honest. Mad Men’s real feat is being the most stylish show on TV today. It is for men, what Sex and The City was for women—smartly written dialogue and extreme characters, all wrapped up in a super stylized package. Mad Men, which returns to AMC this Sunday for its second season, is set in the sleek world of advertising in 1960s New York. Where offices such as Sterling Cooper have no need for such quaint modern-day notions as political correctness or casual Friday. Where no man is complete without the morning paper, his tie and a post-lunch Scotch.  Valet Mag breaks down Mad Men style, and gives us a how-to guide on how to get that look here.

1.) Sterling silver tie bar by David Donahue, $40 at Nordstrom. 2.) Lemtosh frames, $169 (without prescription) at Moscot. 3.) Sidecar gunmetal briefcase by Dunhill, $1,240 at Dunhill, 212.753.9292. 4.) Bow tie by Band of Outsiders, $92 at Blue Bee. 5-7.) Ties, (from left) Mike & Chris, $83, Ralph Lauren, $125 and Shipley & Halmos, $92, all available at Blue Bee. 8.) Suit by John Varvatos Star USA, $795 at Nordstrom. Shirt by Theory, $125, at Nordstrom. Tie by Hickey, $115 at 9.) Wool hat by Rod Keenan, $360 at Barneys New York stores. 10.) Cotton handkerchiefs, $25 for a pack of seven, at Brooks Brothers.

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