Yes! I finally used the word “bespoke” in a piece. Bespoke. The word itself sounds nothing like its mean when used by Americans but, it’s been having a hell of a year! Not many words outside of maybe “collaboration” can boast such wide numbers of mention in print during 2008. The word itself has cause such controversy that in the UK some tailors have sued for misuse.

With that out of the way, lets focus on New York’s Seize sur Vingt on Elizabeth Street. “Following the tradition of the bespoke clothier, we make finely tailored clothing for men and women, whose fabrics and fit are both youthful and elegant. We have men and womenâs custom and ready-to-wear shirts and suits, sportswear, shoes, and beautifully made accessories. “

With prices ranging from 140$ to 160$US for ready to wear shirts, there is something for all budgets. (photo via timeout)

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