Name the famous Premier League player who during the 90’s had the nicknamed the “governor” and we may consider purchasing you this beauty of a cruiser bicycle from Pashley. +KN clearly is in love with it as much as us. “The Guv’nor harkens back to old school British bikes, being both elegant and comfortable at the same time. I just think it looks beautiful, with it’s black frame, black alloy rims and cream-colored tires, and a titanium seat that looks like old leather. The Guv’nor also comes in six different models, single speed and 3-speed versions in three different sizes. I’m guessing this bike would be awesome to ride, the company that makes them, Pashley, has been around since 1926, so I’m pretty sure they have a good idea of what they’re doing.”

Sure its 1600$US but look at those mustache bars!

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