In what some are believing to be one of the biggest acts of fraud in the fashion world, the story of how Simon Easton (purportedly) conned and convinced museums, galleries, and collectors of the likes of Damien Hirst into purchasing fake Seditionaries clothing is only beginning to become unraveled.

First, some background from Threadtrend, “Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood had a store called SEX, a fetish clothing shop which eventually turned into Seditionaries.  This reincarnation centered on Punk lifestyle clothing, and it’s the label that those famous striped mohair sweaters and slashed “Anarchy” and “God Save the Queen” screened t-shirts were born under.  As the legend goes, every Punk visionary to ever walk the streets of Chelsea popped into the shop on a regular basis”

Now for the real dirt on what Simon Easton has allegedly done via WWD. “Malcolm McLaren is worried that fake clothes could be circulating under the Seditionaries label he designed with Vivienne Westwood in the Seventies. The punk impresario alleged that a certain Simon Easton, believed to be based in the United Kingdom, has managed to sell a significant amount of fake Seditionaries designs to unwitting clients, including the likes of artist Damien Hirst, auction houses and museums.”

For those looking for even more detailed report on the back and forth in this controversial  issue, be sure to read this post from Haidee Findlay-Levin over at HINT and Jamie’s coverage on Supertouch.

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