We all know about the world of automobile customization; those small shops that take already high end vehicles and fashion them with both design and performance enhancements. McLaren comes to mind. Incredibly, in the world of chronographs and wristwatches, the same after-market world exists.

Pro Hunter in the UK is one of those after-market companies specializing in turning already legendary Rolex’s into one of a kind gems of metal. Take a look through their site and check out the custom Rolex Daytonas in Black and Red bezel (bonkers), Submariners, Seadwellers and more. But let us now focus on what we consider the best of the Pro Hunter series – The Ceramic GMT 2008. This thing is so ridiculously good it makes me want to curse. They start with a Rolex Anniversary GMT ref 116700, and add a Black dial, black bezel, AR coating the full body and glass,  a minimal black military NATO wrist strap. Its about the best looking GMT on the market. Each Pro Hunter Rolex is limited to 100 units. 

View more of the Pro Hunter Rolex offering for 2008 after the jump.

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