The Men’sVogue blog recounts a great story about a thief with a penchant for Jack Spade product. Jack Spade was so impressed that his store in lower Manhattan has decided to celebrate a thief who has returned three times to the store in search of items that are both stylish and fully functional for the busy burglar. They have also created a comic book to commemorate his adventures, Breaking and Entering, which is available for purchase at their Greene Street location, which is also decorated in homage to their nocturnal visitor. But I’ll let you read as Men’s Vogue’s Ben Popper recounts the story after the jump. Well worth the read.

“The love affair between Spade and their sartorial sneak began back in March, when our hero, whom we’ll call Paul Bunyan,  broke into Jack Spade’s Greene Street store by smashing the window with a fireplace log.

Bunyan immediately went for the store’s decorative rocket ships, which he used to try and jimmy the cash register. When this failed, he switched tactics, grabbed a large haul of clothes and accessories, and made his getaway.

The story might have ended there, but 45 minutes later Bunyan was back, hoping to retrieve his trusty log. He apparently discovered that Jack Spade makes a log carrier, which would both carry and conceal. But before he could escape a second time, the police arrived, and nabbed him.

Fast forward 39 days and Bunyan finally makes bail. His first move? A beeline back to the Spade store, where he puts his trusted log through the recently repaired windowpane. This time he grabbed only three items: that neat-o rocket ship, a pair of glasses (a disguise?), and, of course, the log carrier.

This time Bunyan made off before the police arrived, but he underestimated the tenacity of the NYPD, who remembered his home address from the last time, and promptly paid him a visit.”

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