Kanye West has taken lessons from the past and has used it to manage his own career. He wants to be a pop star, a legend, and has studied what has made artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna, and more recently, Justin Timberlake to an extent (give him a few more albums) huge icons. He knows how these artists have reinvented their style of music and fashion with every album, bringing in the progressive influences around them and making them their own. With Kanye’s fourth album, 808’s & Heartbreak, with a rumored release date of 11.25.2008, Kanye is changing up his style yet again. Based on the two released singles, 808’s & Heartbreak reportedly will not feature much rapping and largely will be Kanye singing. The Clones brings us the promo shots for the album featuring the his latest favorite look that he has been seen in at the runway shows and on television.

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