I guarantee this is the best 3.90$US (or 3 for 10$) dollar ankle socks you will ever buy. Not that you would not want to cover you ankles this winter, but who know… you may well be into it. I show you these Uniqlo basics as an example of how even the most trivial of garments can be crafted for excellence. The mid ribbing in the sock is the secret. Unlike most socks, there is no extra support between the toes and the heel. This ribbing allows for stretching and expansion without hurting the integrity of the sock. 

I will be the first to admit that their Fall 2008 colors are way in line with the pastel movement, but trust me on this, Uniqlo socks are the best on the market. Let’s battle.

More views of the Uniqlo Tipped Fine Pile Socks after the jump.

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