Mary Bridges over at gives us an insightful look into how fashion retail is being touched by the economic downturn in the global economy. Ms. Bridges’ article entitled, “Retail Darwinism” examines fashion retail economy from all angles, including how lower priced retail chains are feeling the “tightest squeeze” to how handbags may simply pass over the down turn. But one of the most insightful portions of the Portfolio pieces examines how retailers are re-focusing the consumer sensibility while protecting their overhead.

“Some boutiques are focusing on items that appeal to customers emotionally, rather than wardrobe basics. Buyers for retailers are cherry-picking more sparingly from designers’ collections. And across the spectrum, retailers are holding back spending to protect themselves from softening demand—and potentially to benefit from last-minute deals on merchandise.”

The full article, “Retail Darwinism” can be found at

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