Not only Bape, Colette and Uniqlo have been working with Japanese architect firm Wonderwall on their store build-outs, but also A.P.C. worked with them now for the second time and they have recently completed the Kita-Aoyama store, which we can give you a detailed look at here.

The concept behind this second project with A.P.C. located in Kita-Aoyama is a bungalow style house. The terrace-like entrance and façade breaks the conventional formula of retail store spaces where the focus is about the presenter and the viewer. The store is designed to encourage the interaction between the “A.P.C” brand and the “guests”. A calm and soothing environment give the impression of a familiar place that may have already existed for years. This was created by the choices of materials and how they were incorporated in their use.”

A great turn-out and actually for Wonderwall a bit of a change, as their usual interiors are more modern and much colder. The contrary is true here – a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Take a detailed look inside the new A.P.C. Kita-Aoyama store after the jump.

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