The history and legacy of the Schwinn Paramount is one for the history books. Developed by Belgian frame builder, Emil Wastyn, for Frank W. Schwinn, who was looking to build the ultimate 6 day racer, and spared no expense to achieve this outcome. With the inception of Italian made frames and new technology in the 70’s the Paramount was sidelined due to its build cost. The late, great, Sheldon Brown’s website has more info on the history of the Paramount.

Today, the Paramount is a much sought after frame by collectors and riders alike. Fans of proper lugged frames spare no expense in finding the classic Paramount frames on Craigslist and eBay (good luck finding any vintage of the Paramount under 1000$US these days).

70 years on, Schwinn has re-introduced the Paramount for a new generation.

“The Paramount 70th Anniversary frameset is a marriage of the latest technology, cycling heritage, and artisan craftsmanship. With a full Reynolds 953 stainless steel tube set and painted to match Reynolds UL carbon fork the frame represents the latest in bicycle technology. A full-custom stainless steel lug set, commissioned by Schwinn specifically for this frame, has been hand-crafted to reflect traditional style of the original Paramounts.”

Schwinn has handed the build reigns to  Wisconsin’s Waterford Precision Cycles to bring the Paramount 70th Anniversary addition. Visit the Schwinn Paramount website for much more information on this great frame.

More images of the Schwinn Paramount 70th Anniversary Bicycle after the jump.

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