Tune in and turn up

EPMD’s new album “We Mean Business” will be in stores on December 9th. The record features Raekwon, Teddy Riley, Havoc and long-time collaborator Keith Murray. If samplers are anything to go by, the album in full won’t throw us for any loops, it’s a pure EPMD sound. Aside from getting back to the boards and mic, the due of Eric Serman and Parish Smith are lending their influence to an art project giving back to the Groundswell Community Mural Project.

“The EPMD Art Project”, is collection of premiere international artists creating works inspired by EPMD. Works from each artist will be presented on canvases and prints and auctioned off at a record release event and a listening party. In Los Angeles, EPMD will team with Zune at their Zune L.A. space, offering guests the first opportunity to hear the new album and bid on the exclusive artwork. A main event will follow in New York at Santos Party House, which will include performances by EPMD and friends, as well as the next opportunity to bid on the artwork.

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Proceeds earned from each event will go to benefit Brooklyn New York-based charity Groundswell Community Mural Project. This is a unique opportunity for renowned urban artists to pay homage to, and collaborate with, one of the most legendary Hip Hop Recording groups of all time. Originally created by Eric Haze for Sleeping Bag Records, EPMD’s logo is one of the most recognized in the world of hip hop. Haze’s original Logo for EPMD will remain the true symbol for the group. These pieces are one-off interpretations, specifically created for this project.

The Logo Project’s current roster of participating artists also includes: Hersk, Dstrbo (HVW8), Cey, The Uprising, Keith Rocka, Miami Ink’s Darren Brass’s and Chris Garver. Additional artists sign on to participate on a daily basis.

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