Stores January, 5 2009

Tokyo CULTuART Store By Beams

Beams recently opened a new store in Tokyo – the CULTuART Store. The store is a concept store and wants to bring together the best Tokyo has to offer in terms of fashion, art, design, etc.

According to Nagai (CULTuART’s manager), the shop is an aggregator of urban Tokyo, bringing its many faces and artists into one place that acts as both retail outlet and museum. Prices can range from the $150 Peloqoon stuffed figures by Modoka Morikawa to $7000 for Pucci’s one-of-a-kind Doraemon stained-glass lamp. Beams has plans to open more CULTuART shops in other cities around the globe bringing the best of Tokyo to a wider audience. Via Mashkulture/CScout.

Bringing all the best from Tokyo together is not an easy task, but it looks like they are doing a pretty good job. Have a look inside the store after the jump.

Tokyo CULTuART Store By Beams

Tokyo CULTuART Store By Beams