You remember those great bank bags that Billykirk developed with Freemans Sporting Club not too long ago? Well, the bank bags was not the only collaborative idea to come away from that meeting. Taavo from Freemans is a fan of the bringing the best the classics have to market, in a genuine way. He acquired  a pair of vintage suspenders that were 3/4″ in width – a size that has not been standard in the U.S. suspender world for more than 40 years. He put the Billykirk guys on a mission to make them a reality. After some long hours calling old timers of the industry, they found their supplier for the elastic and hardware in England and the rest is history. We should note that the elastic is dye to color which gives it a very deep and rich look.

These fine Billykirk for Freemans Sporting Club 3/4 Suspenders are available at Freemans Sporting Club on 8 Rivington St. in NYC.

More detailed views of the Billykirk for Freeman Sporting Club Suspenders after the jump.

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