Where the runway meets the street

The new Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2009 Collection is about to be released in stores worldwide. As usual the line uses a lot of color, bold imagery and unusual graphics.

““Pagan rites and football fights.”

“ig·ne·ous (gn-s) adj.”

“1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of fire of or like fire [Latin ignis fire]”

“The UK is built from a warrior race, of straight talking, drinkers + fighters. Cassette playa SS09 explores what it means to be British in 2009. From megalithic Britain = pagan knowledge and druid rituals, to the new tribes = football firms + gang culture; council estates, essex mansions, and organized violence.”

“Prints + embroidery are built from video stills, marble (graves + temples), granite (granite is naturally radioactive;), gif + black metal text; Plus cult CP symbols and faces in CGI wood, stone, chrome + flame.”

“This season Cassetteplaya reins rite true immortal.”

““These colors dnt run !! ” Via Carrie Munden.”

Have a look at the complete Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2009 Lookbook after the jump.

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