TIGA’s first big musical hit came with his version of Corey Harts 80’s hit “Sunglasses at Night” back during the early days of the “Electroclash” movement. Today, with the help of Australia’s Ksubi, he re-invents sunglasses again in the form of an eyeglass frame. Black in color and unique in shape, TIGA has the following to say on the look.

“I hate sunglasses, they get between me and the sun…. but if I wore them they would be like the ones I hand-designed for ksubi….the arms are specially engineered to support any ear size, the “glasses” part aren’t even glass, but a hyper-modern plastic lens that rarely falls out and when it does can be popped back into place they are black and absorb heat leaving your nose and face extra cool.”

Personally, I like the look of TIGA for Ksubi. Fits in with my dark side.

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