Skateboarding January, 23 2009

Vans Syndicate x Eric Dressen Half Cabs

After the Suicidal Tendencies collaboration that we presented to you the other day, here comes now the Eric Dressen Half Cab.

“Mixing textures, from suede to a woolier feel to a coarser canvas, the side panel replacement for the usual ‘Half Cab’ patch promotes Mister Cartoon’s Syndicate ‘S’ while the gold eyelet, signature script on the inner collar and his quintessentially West Coast skull and 13 (we don’t profess to be tattoo historians, but we think it reps the 13th letter in the alphabet – M, in tribute Dressen’s Mexican descent) image on the footbed demonstrating more startling attention-to-detail from our favourite ranges on the shelves today.” Via Crooked Tongues.

Check out all colorways of the Eric Dressen Vans Syndicate Half Cabs after the jump.

Vans Syndicate x Eric Dressen Half Cabs

Vans Syndicate x Eric Dressen Half Cabs

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