Art March, 2 2009

New York Magazine “Best Of New York 2009″ Cover Art By Kaws

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Once again the art of Kaws decorates a prominent magazine. After previously working on the covers of iD Magazine and Complex, Kaws has now done the cover art for New York Magazine’s “Best Of New York 2009″ issue.

“In the end, we decided to go with the design by KAWS; it seemed the most optimistic—and we felt we could all use a little optimism these days. The career of KAWS, a.k.a. Brian Donnelly, has skyrocketed recently: Just last year, he opened two solo exhibitions (in Miami and at Gering & López Gallery on Fifth Avenue) and designed Kanye West’s latest album cover, which recently appeared on a Times Square billboard. He was in L.A. opening another solo show (the line reportedly stretched 700 yards down La Cienega) when he got our call to participate, so he faxed in a sketch from his hotel room. “As soon as I heard ‘Best of New York,’ I thought, Great—text—I’ll bang it out,” he says. “But it actually took me a long time. I always have a general idea of how I want the letters to look, but then they’ll get their own personalities as I’m drawing them.””

You can order the issue now here.

A more detailed look at the Kaws cover art for New York Magazine follows after the jump.

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