When it comes to watches we are pretty picky, because after all the wrist watch is the only jewelry a man should really wear. Of course you have trends in the watch market as well. In the last couple of years the bigger the watch, the better it seemed. Ceramics also got really popular and especially black watches seem to be all the rage these last months, with every Swiss watch brand coming out with its own version. If we are not mistaken, the trend was started by Audemars Piquet with their Royal Oak Offshore line and the brand that most benefitted from the trend was probably Hublot, a brand once forgotten and suddenly again on the map.

Today we had a look again at the Patek Philippe ad campaign, which is pretty much the same since years, just like their watches. The slogan “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” is placed on all of them, usually along with a pretty cheesy father/son portrait. Even though the images could not be less real, the ads work and are still intriguing.

The idea transmitted through the ad is genius and perfectly translates the timeless character of the brand. Let’s face it, you are not going to buy a good watch every week, so if you want something for life (and longer), then Patek Philippe is the way to go. We can definitely sign that!

Bad advertising turns out to be good advertising and if more brands out there would work having this philosophy in mind, the output would probably not be too bad either. Every once in a while there are things that your father can have in common with you and they are definitely still cool!

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