Where the runway meets the street

Apolis Activism presents a great collaboration in their Spring 2009 collection with Katin, who can probably be labeled the innovators of surf trunks.

“In the late 1950s, Nancy and Walter Katin were in the business of making canvas boat covers, and the “multi” billion dollar surf wear industry of the late nineties and beyond was all but unimaginable. Yet one day a young man came into the Katin’s shop in Surfside, California, complaining of the difficulty in finding a pair of swim shorts durable enough to stand up to the then-quirky pastime of surfboard riding. Walter focused on a vision with his sewing machine and some of the sturdy boat canvas previously used for boat covers and whipped up the first pair of Kanvas by Katin surf trunks . The surfer was stoked. Word of Nancy and Walter’s creation quickly spread up and down the coast, and the Katin’s were suddenly in the surf trunk business. The American surf wear industry was born.”

Read on about the Katin history and this collaboration after the jump.

To make a very long and famous story somewhat short, the popularity of Katin surf trunks grew and grew. By the time the sport of surfing boomed in popularity in the mid-1960s with the Gidget & Beach Boys era, Katins were firmly entrenched as the grooviest surf trunk around.

And so they remained, even as other companies came and went. The Katins kept making their high-quality surf trunks, selling them from the Surfside store and through a network of surf shop dealers all over the Western Hemisphere. From the sixties to the seventies, virtually every top surfer wore Katins[1] and all were proud to appear in surf magazine ads for their favorite trunks.” Via Wikipedia.

This is just a short part of the Katin histiry, but as you can see, Apolis Activism made a good choice for this collaboration. Their Spring 2009 Collection features four different Katin Swim Trunks.

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