There I said it. Gizmodo’s reporting on the Audiowood Turntables designed by Joel Scully, had an interesting headline that caught my attention. “Audiowood Turntables: Because Technics Are Too Cold and Modern” 

They’re right. The Technics 1200 and 1210 models are “too cold and modern,” but that’s exactly what I love about them. For the money, they’re about the most indestructible tables on the market. They retain value fairly well (as long as your DJ girlfriend didn’t f up the tonearm). Are they audiophile quality? They may not be, but as one of the most respected hifi audio repairmen in Boston told me, put a proper cartridge on the Technics and you’ll be pretty damn good (with the proper amp and speakers of course) 

Back to the Audiowood Turntables for a moment. They are indeed audiophile grade turntables. Mr. Scully is building his wood inspired tables using some of the best mechincal, deadstock parts. I have to admit, I love “The Poster Boy” turntable shown above, but I’m not clear where “Big Red” would fit into my apartment.

Either way, Technics or Audiowood, you cannot go wrong as long as you’re enjoying music for all the right reasons.

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