01. Metropolis: Two kinds of industrial designers?

“There are two kinds of industrial designers,” writes Deyan Sudjic ofMetropolis, in putting forward a rather interesting thesis…” (Core77)

02. Really Short Films: Samurai on the Toilet & Man Blowing a Bubble

“I came across these awesome “films” on Dropular the other and I loved the simple idea and presentation of them. Samurai on the Toilet is my favorite…” (+KN)

03. Traveling Sketchbook

“For 36 weeks, this sketchbook travel more than 60000 milles. Each week one of 4 artists (2 in Brooklyn, 2 in Belfast) completed a spread.” (Notcot>Caligraffiti)

04. Critical Shopper | Therapy for Overspenders

“It has become painfully obvious that, in the last few years, the worth of most everything — plastic containers, investment portfolios, condos, cupcakes — has been wickedly inflated…” (NY Times)

05. The Best and Worst in March Fashion Magazines

“March is the month of spring-fashion issues, and we’re happy to report that the 2009 editions were pleasantly plump with ads, despite the ceaseless economic doom and gloom…” (NY Mag)

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