Bless is a label like no other. Over the years they keep impressing us with their creativity and their ideas, that do not seem to come to an end and that do not seem to know any boundaries. From any other brand out there you will in most cases be able to know ahead of time what the new collection will look like, at least in terms of direction and style. We love that that is different with Bless, as every season is full of surprises.

For their Spring/Summer 2009 No. 36 “Nothingneath” collection, the German label once again proposes a very interesting set of accessories, ranging from sunglasses to furniture. We could go on hours trying to explain you the pieces, but the best would be for you to have a look and make up your own mind.

Many more images of the Bless No. 36 “Nothingneath” Spring/Summer 2009 Accessories follow after the jump.

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