01. An Icon, Despite Itself

“What is the unbreakable rule of “good design”? It is not looking great, or being dazzlingly innovative. Nor is it reflecting changes in the way we see the world, or even scoring lots of environmental and ethical points.” (NYT)

02. Why We Need Audiophiles

“This is Michael Fremer. He’s listening to “Avalon” by Roxy Music on his $350,000 stereo system. It soundsexcellent. He’s a bit crazy, but if you love music, you need him.” (Gizmodo)

03. A Few Lines With Vince Aletti – Disco Dispatches From 70s NYC (above)

“Here are some extracts from DJhistory.com’s ace new book The Disco Files 1973-78: New York’s Underground Week By Week. Here, in 1976, author Vince Aletti is letting his readers know about the new cult of the DJ and why the rockists just don’t get it …” (The Quietus)

04. YSL, Puma Team up on Sneaker

“Yves Saint Laurent has joined forces with sister company Puma to create a high-top sneaker melding Stefano Pilati’s design prowess and the activewear firm’s technical expertise.” (WWD)

05. Luxury Grilling: 10 Expensive Grills for the Barbecues of the Rich

“Man has been burning beast since he first tamed flames, but the relatively simple process of barbecuing has evolved with a fever pitch over time.  Today, the art of grilling has been made bigger and better by adding shiny stainless steel, multiple burners, wheels, thermometers, refrigerators and even touch screens.” (Stylecrave)

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