01. Ancient Japan in Milan

“If design is in the details, at this year’s Milan furniture fair the key shift is away from flawless surfaces and towards Japan’s ancient aesthetic of wabi sabi, which rests on the concept that beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.” (Coolhunting)


02. Milan Design Week 09: Design Academy Eindhoven (above)

“More great work out of Design Academy Eindhoven. Yesterday we were traveling to a forum, when we were happily distracted by these wonderful student designs. In addition to the items on display, the students opened a sweet little store. Nice.” (Core77)


03. Not all gadgets suck: 500,000th pacemaker successfully installed

“It’s pretty easy, in this day and age, to get frustrated with technology, and lose sight of how awesome our world is as a result of technological innovation. Every now and then some piece of news will come along to remind us of how great technology can be, leading us on an adventure of knowledge, and restoring our appreciation for science.” (Crunchgear)

04. Coco Avant Chanel Movie Poster Banned in Paris

“This poster for Coco Chanel biopic Coco Avant Chanel was banned in Paris by Metrobus, which runs advertising on the city’s trains and buses. The problem? Audrey Tautou appears …smoking a cigarette.” (NY Mag)


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