01. Peter Kruder EQ Mag Guest Mix MP3

“EQ catches up with the legendary Peter Kruder to talk about his new EP for DJ Hell’s revitalised Gigolo imprint, and – as he delivers an amazing guest mix – his DJing philosophy…” (EQ)

02. In Pictures: Swiss Poster Design to come to London 

“The show will provide an opportunity to see and purchase some of the finest examples of 20th century and contemporary Swiss and American poster design.” (Notcot>ArchitectsJournal)

03. Ciussai Radiator (above)

“The Ciussai radiator, from Ad Hoc, demolishes traditional perceptions of heating and becomes an aesthetic object of design playing with the classic function of irradiating heat.” (Ianclaridge)

04. Winery Offers $10,000 A Month Tasting and Talking Gig

“Love wine and want to move to Sonoma County, California? Have we got a job for you. The Murphy-Goode Winery is offering a “Really Goode Job” for the right person. They will pay $10,000 a month for a six-month contract that includes private housing in Healdsburg, California.” (Luxist)

05. Drawing Magazine Covers

London based Artist John-Paul Thurlow is an attempting to create cover art for every great magazine he own (+ a few he wish he owned). It’s never a straight crib, the source magazines are a jumping-off point for my imagination… A pretty cool concept and some pretty amazing drawing skills!” (Trendland)

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