We’re noted fans of Narrative here at Selectism, they pretty much tick all our shoe need boxes. We decided to catch up with Scott Emerson, creative director of Narrative, and quiz him about his shark sole shoes, work outside of Narrative and his favourite shoe of the collection.

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How did the shark sole shoes come about?

The inspirations for this line were drawn from two of my favourite stylistic references – Mid 80’s Progressive English Fashion and Classical American footwear during the 80’s designers such as John Moore, Christopher Nemeth and the whole House of Beauty and Culture scene really pushed the boundaries of what footwear could be like growing up in the North West of England. These fantastic creations seemed like they were from another dimension and have had a direct (and long lasting) effect on me. The shark sole is a direct reference to this era and combining this element with classically styled uppers more associated with classic American footwear (Alden and the like) the idea was to fuse these two very different worlds together – aggressive elegance! My Japanese customers have really taken to this part of my range and it is theme you will be seeing much more of in future narrative collections.

Do you have a favourite shoe or is that like asking if you have a favourite child?

That is a difficult question – I love them all.

The idea of narrative is to have inter-changing ‘chapters’ to the collection that is reflective of the customers daily preference, might be sharp dress shoes, luxury sneakers, workers boots, preppy etc. It is not a monoproduct type brand with 1/2 styles in a myriad of colourways. I like to give the customer a considered choice. Having said that…. I am really feeling my take on the Russell Moc type workboot …It is a hand made sneaker that fuses the workboot aesthetic combined with a stitched sneaker ‘cassetta’ sole in top grade vegetable tanned vacchetta – knockout!

In addition to creating Narrative, you also design footwear for Alexander McQueen, how did that come about?

Yes it is a project I find really exciting as Mcqueen is constantly pushing the way menswear should be viewed. They were looking for a fresh direction in their mainline footwear and I was contacted 3/4 seasons ago to design and produce the footwear as they had seen my then fledgling label and knew my background within the luxury shoe industry. The process involves me working from the initial ideas and sketches right up to the final catwalk show in Milan and it is fantastic to be part of their team and creative methodology.

What are your future plans for Narrative?

I have so many ideas for Narrative but as a small independent company I have to take things slowly and look at natural organic growth.

The 2 new areas for SS10 season will be a small ladies capsule collection to compliment the menswear and a luggage and accessories line that is focused on the fixed wheel scene. The mainline collection will continue to grow as I am currently looking at around 70 new styles for next season and the emphasis (as always) will be on high quality Italian manufacturing and materials – and there may be one or two exciting collaborations in the pipeline!

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