01. Lovely Legs: From the Tip of the Toes to the Top of the Hose

“The female leg is an erotic oddity: non-genital, and nearly identical in structure to the male limb, there is no obvious reason why it should be eroticized. Yet through much of history, across many cultures, the female leg was kept covered and treated as taboo…” (taschen)

02. Michael Caine On New Film Is Anybody There? (above)

“The legendary Sir Michael Caine talks about his latest film Is Anybody There?, about an unlikely friendship between a young boy and a geriatric magician. Jeremy Allen found the film brought back memories of similar childhood experiences.” (quietus)

03. Neal Creek Residence / Paul McKean Architecture

“The Neal Creek residence treads lightly upon its surroundings, maximizing valley and water views with minimal impact to the natural environment. The owners – windsurfing and snowboarding enthusiasts – were interested in a modest weekend retreat that would be highly efficient and ecologically minded…” (archdaily)

04. Imaginary brands as “product displacement”

“This involves the use of imaginary brands as, in effect, stand-ins for real brands we already know. For instance, above, a bucket of Colonel Likkin’s Southern Fried Chicken. I don’t have to tell you what that stands in for. Apparently it was used on the TV show Pushing Daisies….” (robwalker)

05. CaptainTumorMan.com

“Wine importer Joe Dressner, combines his insider industry observations with his current brain cancer misadventure, in a button-pressing irreverence laced with wine trends and observations.” (wsj)

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