01. TYPO Berlin 2009

“Some use the new tools to perfect their designs, while others feel driven out of virtual reality back to real life, often out of denial. Both these poles – and everything in between – are the theme of the TYPO Berlin 2009 SPACE conference.” (typoberlin)

02. Madrid’s ‘Distrito C’ Self Shading Solar Office

“Distrito C is an ambitious project designed to consolidate 40,000 employees in Madrid from Spain’s largest company, Telefonica. The complex includes four phases of three buildings each, for a total of twelve structures. The design and materials for the buildings are identical so as to streamline the construction process and keep time and material waste to a minimum.” (inhabitant)

03. Three Questions For…Boutique Hoteliers, Thompson Hotel Group

“As the economic downturn freezes travel plans, the hotel industry has hit a rocky patch. In April, room rates in New York City fell by more than 23% from a year ago, according to Smith Travel Research, and nationally occupancy is off by more than 8% over the same period.” (wsj)

04. Kool-Aid Man Returns in Race Against Soda (above)

“Kool-Aid is honing in on its pitch against soda as an affordable drink with a new campaign breaking today, which shows the Kool-Aid mascot outrunning a liter of cola.” (brandweek/flickr)

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