01. Seafarers’ Memoirs, Written on Skin (above)

“Cain was branded on his forehead. The town of Bethlehem was once renowned for its tattoos, applied by pilgrims as if to commemorate Jesus’ stigmata. During the Renaissance, tattoos of astrological signs were thought to confer cosmological powers.” (nyt)

02. Ditto Ecological Hangers Save Landfill Space

“It may seem trite to focus a brand on something as rudimentary as the everyday hanger, but that’s precisely why this kind of ‘re-thinking design’ is so pertinent. An estimated 8 billion polystyrene and polycarbonate hangers clog our landfills every year, and as Gary Barker points out, that’s enough to fill the Empire State Building 4.6 times!” (inhabitant)

03. The Pipeline: In Brief: Our Top 7 Underwear Moments of All Time

“We couldn’t help but think that there are better places than the local Hallmark store to get your fix of PG-13 rated material. So, inspired, we went on a pop-culture panty raid, and dug through the top drawer to find some of our all time favorite barely-there moments…” (r29)

04. Dolce & Gabbana Accused of Tax Evasion Again

“Tax officials in Italy have accused Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of tax evasion and could fine them $1.12 billion. Basically, the police say Dolce and Gabbana did not pay enough for the sale of the Dolce & Gabbana and D&G brands to their Luxembourg-based holding company Gado Srl in 2004.” #bigmoney (nymag)

05. Hype, Longevity and the Future of Men’s Agency Management

“I distinctly remember the first time I met the now damn near iconic Brad Kroenig. It was at Ford, for a new girl’s casting but Brad had asked to asked his agent, Sam Doerfler if he could have an introduction.So with superb timing, Mr Kroenig walked in wearing a flawlessly cut navy pin-striped blazer…” (imagist)

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