01. Ten Years After Napster, Musicians Are Still Getting Screwed

“Ten years ago yesterday, Napster revolutionized commercial music by – we’re all grownups; let’s call a spade a spade – democratizing piracy.” (readwrite)

02. OLGGA’s Portable Log Cabin Conceals a Sleek Modern Interior (above)

“The mention of log cabins usually brings to mind thoughts of Abraham Lincoln chopping wood in a flannel shirt – hardly the image of sleek modern design. So, when we heard about OLGGA Architect’s two-piece transportable log cabin – the Flake House…” (inhabitant)

03. UNIQLO Megastore by Curiosity

Curiosity has completed the design of the Uniqlo Megastore that has opened near Shinjuku station in Tokyo. The new design is strongly influenced by the Tokyo urban landscape and the large entrance, marked with three display towers, recreates a mini-Shinjuku city.” (ad)

04. Universe Revolved

“To form the letters of Univers Revolved, a simple geometric formula was applied to the capital letters of the widely used Univers font. With the help of a 3-D computer program, each letter was revolved 360° around a vertical axis drawn at its left-most point.” (typeneu)

05. AT&T CruiseCast in-car TV finally launches nationwide

“Look, we know all about desperate — those youngsters are cute and all, but any self-respecting parent starts having some seriously evil thoughts about three hours in to any road trip. In a presumed effort to keep you off of the evening news and in good standing with your relatives, AT&T is launching its CruiseCast in-car TV service today.” (engadget)

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