01. Rick’s Custom Squirrels

“From Rick’s Custom Squirrel’s site “The Squirrel Hole”– a guy named Richard Nadeau’s taxidermy service. Ridiculous. $125-$155. Wow, I wish I was joking.” (joshspear)

02. Faber Poetry Covers

“as part of their 80th anniversary celebrations, faber & faber have released six collections of poems selected by great writers in collectible hardback versions. senior designer miriam rosenbloom commissioned some exciting illustrators and printmakers to create the cover designs and i think the series as a whole is really stunning. much like the penguin classics that were a big hit last year…” (designsponge)

03. Streamlined steam irons of the ’30s/’40s (above)

“Steam iron collector Jay Raymond has published a book, Streamlined Irons, that features 300 color photos mostly of irons from the “streamlined” 1930s and ’40s.” (core77)

04. Found Food | Elderberry Flowers

“In our national mythology, we’re a country of gunslingers and frontiersmen. We like steaks big, cars loud and drinks strong. So whenever a cowboy saddled up to the bar in an old Western his order was a given: “Whiskey. And leave the bottle.” But times change and so do tastes…” (wsjmag)

05. The 3/50 Project

” Pick three local businesses you would hate to see close. Spend $50 at each..” (murketing>350project)

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